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Infant Child Care and Toddler Care - Little Learners

Our infant and Toddler daycare programs offers caring environments where infants and toddlers thrive and explore in a safe, secure nurturing environment. Our teaching teams encourage infants and toddlers to safely engage in activity and interact with caregivers and classmates. Our infant classrooms provide your Little Learner with age approproate activities and space to develop new skills such as rolling, crawling, clapping, grasping and reaching. Our toddler classroom provides your Little Learner with age appropriate activities and space to advance newly acquired skills and move on to standing, cruising, walking and dancing.

Quality family communication is very important to us!  Parent’s play the most important role in their child's life and our teaching teams will partner with you to create your child's individual goals. With your permission we will email photos to your child engaged in activity and interacting with others.  Our teaching teams will follow your child’s daily schedule to allow for a smooth transition between school and your child's home schedule. A daily report will be provided to inform you about your infants day. The daily report will include information on feedings, diapering, and daily activites.  For your convenience a mobile app is available.

Activities for Infants, Toddlers and Two's include:

• Playing with toys • Tasting and preparing • Tummy Time
• Dabbling in Art • Exploring sand and water • Walk in the stroller
• Imitating and pretending • Having fun with music • Developing rolling over crawling and walking skills
• Enjoying Stories and Books • Going outdoors to our private playground • Enjoying independent play or playing with others