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Preschool - Examiners Class

Our experienced teaching teams use the Creative Curriculum to improve children’s confidence, promote creativity, gain critical thinking skills and promote positive self-image. Preschoolers are presented with many activities to develop their pre-reading, pre-writing, math and science concepts.  Additionally, children gain focus as they engage in independent play and enhance social skills as they play with others.  These skills build the foundation for continued success in our next level, the Prek for All Program. Our teaching teams develop a fun, exciting and predicatable class schedule that encourages students to select their learning areas to work in and allows them to predict what comes next in their day. 

The Examiners Class Curriculum:

Your child will advance skills using: songs and stories, music and movement, art, sand and water play, block building, library, technology, science and discovery, toys and games, cooking and dramatic play. We have a private playground on-site to help your child advance their skills in balancing, jumping, hopping, sliding, throwing, catching and rolling. We will help your child develop a long lasting love of learning and create friendships and positive relationships with classmates and adults along the way.

Family communication is very important to us! A daily report will be provided to inform you about your child's day. With your permission, we will email a photo of your child engaged in a daily activity. For your convenience a mobile app is available.